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Maxxis Aggressor Tyre

34 Reviews
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RRP: $110.00
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50% grip 50% slick


Good rolling speed on hard packed stuff we find in Sydney during the drier months mths. Not a grippy as a MInion DHR II on the loose stuff (sandstone is OK) but that's the entire'll have the back end going sideways if doing cuttys.

Great rear tyre


Excellent rear tyre! Have bought this repeatedly. Excellent grip and lasts a lot longer than some other tyres that came stick on my bike.

Maximise your tyres


Rear tyre repolacement. Soft edges give good grip low profile centre gives good rolling speed etc.

Chose this tyre as I

by -

Chose this tyre as I needed something more durable than the Exo casing as I ride a lot of rocky areas and tore my Exo tyres casing and punctured the tyre as well. I didn't want the weight and rolling resistance of the dh casing though. The tread pattern also isn't as close together as the pictures indicate and it rolls nearly as well as an ardent but grips heaps better, more like a dhr when it comes to grip on loose terrain, tyre corners predictably as well like all Maxxis tyres seem to. The thicker casing does make it harder to fit to a rim than an Exo tyre but as a plus side it holds air better

Got a rubber fetish?

by -

I have a rubber fetish.
My friends all know it.
My wife knows it.
Various online bike shops know it.

This tyre has not helped. It has a nice big juicy bag to it, scrumptiously firm side knobs without being overly controlling of my need to occasionally slide out my rear end and the brutally tough DD casing allows me to pound away at the ground for hours on end without any damage to my internal parts.
I used to run the 2.3 version, but this 2.5WT version is tickling me in all the right spots.
Paired with the WT High Roller 2 up front it could just be the combo to win my heart for the long haul.

Avoid these tyres! Maxxis has

by -

Avoid these tyres! Maxxis has really droped the quality of their tyres. Barely a 1/8 of the way through the lifespan of the tyres one deformed through no undue stress. It appeared that my wheel was massively buckled however the rim was dead straight. The rubber unraveled from around the nylon bead on the other tyre. It didnt tear, the glue just let go. Have heard of other people having the same problems with maxxis tyres.

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