Every Order = A Dollar For Dirt!

We know there’s a lot of hard-working MTB clubs out there that could use some extra $$$. So to do our bit to help out, we’ve launched our new and improved Dollars For Dirt initiative!

So how does it work?

It’s quite simple.

$1 from every order will go to a registered club!

We’ll ask you at checkout to select a club that you would like to support, and that’s where we’ll send the dollar!


Jump on our website and order your MTB gear.


On the order confirmation page, choose a club to receive a Dollar For Dirt.


At the end of each quarter, we’ll distribute Dollars For Dirt to the clubs!

For all orders where a club hasn’t been selected, a dollar from each of these orders will go into a “club fund”. This fund will be distributed to clubs of our choosing at the end of each quarter.

Are you a member of a club that could use some $$$?

Are you part of a mountain bike club or group that could use a few extra bucks to continue being awesome? We’d love to help! Nominate your club for Dollars For Dirt and get onboard!

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How are the funds used?

We've been running this program since late 2016 and we've supported dozens and dozens of clubs in that time. We let clubs decide where, how and when they use funds. We trust clubs and groups to know the best way to spend the money to help their local MTB community, and we're stoked to hear about some of the great ways the funding has been put to use.

"We had a very positive experience with the Dollars For Dirt program. We used the money to buy tools for our club working bees. Thanks for supporting MTB in OZ."
- Steve, Snowy Mountains MTB

"I thought the process was easy, transparent and generous. I hope you continue with it!"
- Jeff

"MTB Directs' Dollars for Dirt initiative helped pay for the printing of 30 Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance (SCTA) 'trail crew' vests for our volunteers, and cast a light on your trail building efforts"
- Ben, Bushrangers MTB

"This is very exciting! Thanks so much for backing us!"
- Brendan, Erina High School

"Thanks so much for this, it will go back into the trail building fund that the club uses to maintain and update the tracks"
- Rebecca, You Yangs MTB

"Thank you so much for the support. A little goes a really long way."
- Chris, Richmond River Riders

"Thank you so much for your support and the opportunity to generate a little bit of funding for RoMBA."
- Kylie, RoMBA

"Thank you so much! $150 will come in very handy for our upcoming race. We'd like to thank MTB Direct for their generosity."
- Mell, MTB Bundaberg

"Thanks so much for your support and the great initiative from MTB Direct"
- Michael, Lysterfield District Trail Riders

"Thank you for your support, the money will be used to buy some new tools, we seem to be breaking a lot recently haha!"
- Shane, Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club

"Thank you so much for this our club really appreciates it. It will help immensely in so many ways.
- Nathan, Townsville Rockwheelers MTB Club