How To Convert A Kids Bike Into A Balance Bike

How To Convert A Kids Bike Into A Balance Bike

If your child is too big for a balance bike, or you already own a bike that's the right size and don't want to buy another bike, there is another option you can take.

Father, avid mountain biker and MTB Direct co-founder Michael has put together this handy quick and easy guide to convert a regular bike into a balance bike so your child can get the hang of being on two wheels without the added complication of the pedals getting in the way.

What you'll need

Removing the pedals

Most kids bikes will require a 15mm spanner to remove the pedals, but some, like the example we have here will require an allen key. This can be 6mm or 8mm depending on the pedals.

It's important to note that the non-drive side pedal (the side without the chain) uses a reverse thread so this will need to be loosened by turning it the opposite direction to what you'd expect. If you manage to turn it a little bit but then it feels like it's stuck, then you might be turning it the wrong way. Take a moment to reassess and make sure you're not actually making it tighter. The drive side pedal has a standard thread so it'll work like any standard bolt (remember which is which when it's time to put them back on).

Securing the cranks

Now the pedals are off we want to make sure that the cranks are held in place and won't rotate around and get in the way.

Rotate the cranks around so they are horizontal and run a zip tie through the pedal hole and around the chainstays to hold things in place.

Position it so that any sharp edges are away from where their legs will go. Snip off the excess with the cable cutters or scissors.

Now you're all good to go! Just bear in mind that the zip tie might snap if the bike is rolled backwards, so keep a couple of spares on hand just in case you need to replace it.

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