NEW OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post

Brace yourself for the unveiling of the highly anticipated OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post - a game-changer that's set to redefine your riding experience. The lightest post with the most travel possible for every bike.

Lighter Than Ever:

Prepare to embark on a lighter, faster, and more thrilling journey with the V3, the lightest infinitely adjustable dropper on the market.

OneUp has meticulously engineered every component, resulting in a 60 to 70-gram weight reduction compared to their award-winning V2. This means the V3 is not only lighter than XC-specific droppers but also outshines the competition, surpassing the Reverb AXS by 238g, the Transfer by 155g, and the Transfer SL by up to 60g.

For those seeking the pinnacle of weight savings, the Ti Bolt Upgrade Kit offers an additional 10g drop!

Smoother Than Ever:

The V3 is meticulously crafted for a smoother, more responsive performance.

The all-new cartridge demands 75% less lever force when the saddle is loaded, making it quicker and easier to drop your saddle mid-ride.

Upgraded bushings employ low-friction, self-lubricating IGUS material, reducing play and ensuring a silky-smooth action.

The addition of anti-rotation pins and a custom SKF wiper seal in the high-performance collar enhances the V3's durability, keeping it running smoother for longer with minimal maintenance.

High-Performance, Long Travel Dropper:

This third-generation dropper post represents over three years of innovation and refinement.

Longer, lighter, and more reliable than its predecessor, the V3 boasts the shortest stack and total length of any other dropper, providing you with unparalleled freedom to tackle any trail with confidence.

Pair with a V3 lever

Upgrade any mechanical dropper effortlessly with the V3 Dropper Remote. This lighter action remote features a replaceable rubber thumb pad, available in 7 colors, and supports all major clamp standards.

The new lever cam design requires 27% less actuation force than the V2 remote, providing a quick and affordable upgrade to elevate the performance of your mechanical dropper post. The cable setup is a breeze, clamping at the lever for easy housing length adjustment, and the integrated cable port with cut marks takes the guesswork out of cable cutting for a neat and clean installation.

Gear up for an unparalleled riding experience – the OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post is set to revolutionise the way you ride.