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MTB mudguards not only reduce the amount of spray coming off your tyres and getting in your eyes but they'll also help protect your fork stanchions from mud, dust, and stone chips. Choose from a range of MTB mudguard options to suit your colour scheme or sense of style.

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A quality MTB mudguard will not only help to keep you clean, but vastly reduce the amount of mud and debris that ends up on your suspension fork and other expensive componentry. This will drastically increase the lifespan of these parts, making a good MTB mudguard more an extremely worthwhile purchase.

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Types of MTB Mudguards

Front Mudguards

There are numerous styles of MTB front mudguard. The majority will mount to your fork with either some form of supplied velcro or cable tie arrangement. There are some nice fork-specific front mudguard options that attach directly to the crown of the designated fork. These often make for a much cleaner look, but generally offer slightly less protection than more generic front mudguards.

Rear MTB Mudguards

While slightly less common than front mudguards, a quality rear MTB mudguard is certainly worth considering, especially during the winter. A rear mudguard will keep some mud and debris off your backside, but will also prevent said mud and debris from penetrating your rear suspension and drivetrain enhancing the lifespan of these items.