How To Use RockShox Trailhead

How To Use RockShox Trailhead

RockShox Trailhead is an easy to use tool that will help you to select the correct parts for RockShox forks and some later model shocks.

The app can assist with looking up service kits, manuals, air spring and damper upgrades, as well as providing a baseline tuning guide to assist with initial setup. It's an excellent and easy way to match up the correct parts to your RockShox suspension products.

Here are the easy steps you need to follow.

Step 1.

Find the serial number on your suspension

Step 2.

Enter your serial number at

Step 3.

Click on the required box once you have entered your serial number. For this example, we are clicking on ‘Upgrade Kits’ and searching for a 150mm Air Spring upgrade for our Lyrik Ultimate C2.

Step 4.

Once we have found the correct kit (Air Spring Upgrade Kit - Debonair C1 - Lyrik/Yari 150mm) COPY the SRAM part number which is above the part description.

Step 5.

Head over to and search for SUSPENSION > FORK PARTS

Filter your search to RockShox and we are looking for the A1 + C1 Debonair Upgrade.

Step 6.

Next, you need to bring up the the find feature in your web browser.

  • For MAC users: CMD + F
  • For PC users: CTRL + F

You can then PASTE in the SRAM part number which will highlight it on the page if it is available at

If you have any trouble finding the correct part, please get in contact with our customer service crew via online chat.

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