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Wolf Tooth GC Giant Cog For 10 Speed

23 Reviews
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RRP: $141.00
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Ratings & Reviews

23 reviews

I installed this on my

by -

I installed this on my XT 11-36 cassette with XTR Medium clutch derailleur. I removed the 17T as suggested. I have found the shifting to be hesitant due to the extreme adjustment of the B-Screw. It is worst on the gap from 19T to 15T but I did expect that. I have now purchased a OneUp RAD cage to help reduce the adjustment of the B Screw and also got their 16T sprocket. I would have got the Wolf Tooth one but it seems they can't keep up with demand. Overall the cog is working fine, but shifting has been compromised. If you're considering this 1x setup, do it properly with the RAD cage if you have a Shimano setup.

Im using a 42tooth big

by -

Im using a 42tooth big cog on my 2015 reign with a raceface 32 nw on the front. Compared to the 1x11 reign setup the chain length is exactly the same so you don't need to add/remove links. Im using the standard shimano deore cassette that I drilled the pins out to separate the cogs. Also purchased a 25mm b screw to adjust my derailer. I know it is not suggested to use with the deore cassette but the thick Wolftooth gear provides a wide surface against the hub and hasn't caused me any damage. I also replaced my 17t with a 16t so i have an even 3 tooth shift between those gears 11,13,16,19,21,24,28,32,36,42. Rather than 11,13,17,19. The 1x10 setup has improved my riding as I always hesitated shifting my front because of the delay in changing gears, I also no longer have been dropping chains from the large to small front gear or completely off.

Bought this to give me

by -

Bought this to give me a low enough ratio on my Shimano 1x10 setup. It's very well made, machining is perfect and the sprocket fits exactly as it should. Also, with the spacer machined into the sprocket the torque loads are spread more evenly across the hub body. Tuning it requires the D-Screw on the derailleur to be maxxed in, so this can lead to slightly vague shifting in the lower gears. Also because you remove the 17t sprocket there is a bit of a jump down to the 15t now but no big deal. Basically it works just as it should but takes careful tuning (like any of these big cogs). Great product overall

Do not buy the 42t

by -

Do not buy the 42t for a short cage derailleur! Get the 40t instead. Gave it 3 stars because I didn't really get to test it. Although the wolf tooth website says it will work with all new derailleurs according to the sales rep I talked to its only the 40t that works with short cage derailleurs. So a bit miffed at that but it was an impulse buy and should have done a bit more then checking the official website. Now to sell my 42t and contemplate getting the 40t.

I had purchased and used

by -

I had purchased and used a One Up Components 42T rear sprocket prior to purchasing the Wolf Tooth version and thought it was a great piece of kit. I wish I had saved my money as it doesn't come close to the Wolf Tooth product. Once again the finish and quality is flawless, the Wolf Tooth is cassette specific and doesn't require spacers which is a bonus.

The Wolf Tooth GC 40T

by -

The Wolf Tooth GC 40T cog went on to my existing Shimano CS-M771 11-36T cassette really easily. I removed the 17T sprocket and tightened everything back up within about 5 minutes. Wound the B-tension screw in a little (didn't even bottom it out with a 40T, brilliant!) and rode away. Have had to do a minor re-tune to get the most out of the derailleur but super happy with the product.

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