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Mountain Bikes Direct has become MTB Direct

Who’s ready to play Spot The Difference?! 

So last week, we made a few website changes - actually, more like, we completely changed our website system and the address used to find our website. At the same time. Ambitious, much?? Now that our tech team has had the weekend to confirm it’s all working (and to have a celebratory beer or three!), we wanted to let you know about it. 

So first, if you happened to go to our site late last week, you might’ve noticed a few error messages. Unfortunately that’s all part and parcel of doing what we were doing - no matter how long we spent on the phone with the various tech providers, apparently the solution was “just gotta wait for that to propagate”. Righteo! So for those who encountered an error - thanks for your patience! The site is fully secure (in fact security was part of the reason it took a while, you can’t rush SSL changes apparently), and ready to rock. Some customers may also have experienced some overzealous fraud protection that was causing a few valid credit cards to be declined - again, this has been corrected (though there’s still fraud protection in place so if you’re a fraudster reading this… don’t get any ideas!) ;-) 

Second, you might notice that we’re no longer www.mountainbikesdirect.com.au. We’re www.mtbdirect.com.au. Why, you ask? Well basically, MTB Direct is what you all call us anyway! Plus it’s a more accurate representation of what our focus is and what we sell (which is parts, clothing and accessories for MTB) - plus it’s heaps quicker to type ;)

So what’s changed on the new site? For now, we’ve tried to keep it really similar to the old site. Over the coming months, we’ll be doing some rad things that we hope you’ll love - so stay tuned. But for now, here’s the main differences that might impact you if you’ve shopped with us before - www.mtbdirect.com.au/website-update

One thing we really value here at MTB Direct is “continuous improvement” - I don’t think we’ll ever look at the site and think “yeah, done!”, we always know there’s more we can do to make it epic (and epic is the goal here!). So over the coming months especially, you’ll see us ironing out the kinks from the transition - polishing a few rough edges and styling issues that crop up. If you notice any big issues though just drop us a line at help@mtbdirect.com.au! 

(One awesome thing you will notice is that our product pages make it way easier to buy things if there’s a big list of options! Check out this page for example - www.mtbdirect.com.au/maxxis-minion-dhf-tyre)

Oh and yes, we’re working on a fresh new logo to match the new site address. Turns out trying to agree on a logo design is a lot harder than agreeing that #mtbislife - so give us a bit of time on that one!

Once again, thanks to our truly rad customer base who continue to support us as their go-to for MTB gear. And massive props to our tech team who have been working tirelessly to get this across the line, and our customer support team who ensure that it’s business-as-usual (which means - exceptionally high customer service!) no matter what we do behind the scenes. 

🤘 Jen (GM), Michael (Head of IT), Ori (Lead Developer) and the MTB Direct Team.