Why do I have to reset my password?


We’ve moved our entire website over to a new system - and while we could copy across a bunch of data, one thing that was not accessible to us to migrate was passwords. And actually, this is a good thing - it reinforces that at no time could we ever see or access even an encrypted version of your password, and the same goes for our new system. While it’s always good security practice to have different passwords for all the different sites/systems you use, we know that’s not always practical or what people do, so keeping the password you put into our system secure is super important and we take that security very seriously.


So while it’s a bit inconvenient having to do a password reset, it’s just one of those necessary things - and we’re very excited about this new website system and what we’re going to be able to do with it, so stay tuned!

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What’s changed?


Welcome to our new website! In the short term, you probably won’t notice too many changes. This has been mostly a “back end” change - we’ve moved to a website platform that is going to help us continue to grow. Things like stocking a much bigger catalogue, being able to accept and process more orders, and all while providing a faster website experience.


Over the coming months, we’re going to start implementing some cool new functionality that we couldn’t do on our old platform - things that are going to help you get the parts you need and help us provide you with a better service.


For now, you might notice a few things have changed in the “My Account” area


Saved credit cards: next time you check out, you will have the ability to store your credit card for future purchases.


Store credit: In this new system, store credit is handled just like a gift voucher. We will contact all store credit holders with information about the update and how to redeem their previous credit - but if you believe you had any store credit with us in the old system and are having any issues redeeming it or finding the details, just reach out to the team at help@mtbdirect.com.au and we’ll get it sorted!


Gift vouchers: We had to make some changes to gift voucher codes to “fit” in the new system. We will contact all gift voucher holders with information about this update, but just reach out at help@mtbdirect.com.au if you have any issues.


Saved addresses: We did our best to migrate this data from the old system, but we recommend double checking any saved addresses before using them to make sure they are 100% accurate, just in case!


Past orders: We are working on bringing into the system some historical transaction data, however in the interim if you cannot see previous orders and require a copy of an invoice or information regarding a previous order, please contact our team at help@mtbdirect.com.au

Wishlists: We’re working on bringing old wishlists into the new system, but for now if you would like a copy of your previous wishlist please email help@mtbdirect.com.au and they can set this up for you.