VHS V2 Slapper Tape Chainstay Protector

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VHS is back! and there must have been one hell of a montage happening behind the scenes because it's become more powerful than you could ever imagine.

VHS 2.0 is bigger, and tougher with a wider 70mm base (up from 25mm on the original) that will wrap around your chainstay and mould to the shape of your frame. The new design is UV resistant and has softer air bubbles for an even quieter ride without any compromise to its durability.

VHS (Velocity Hucking Systems) is designed in New Zealand and tested around the world on some of the wildest trails out there. The tape will replace that tattered inner tube or puny factory protector on your chainstay with a long-lasting and effective sound deadener that will make your bike look pro.

Give your bike the silent treatment more thoroughly than ever before. 

Who's this item for: The VHS Slapper Tape is perfect for anyone that is fed up with having a noisy bike and wants a neat and effective solution that will banish the sound of chain slap for good.

Materials: Manufactured from malleable and UV resistant silicone rubber


  • Length: 350mm
  • Width: 70mm (45mm wider than the original!)
  • Height: 10mm


  • Remove your existing chainstay protection (including any protective film).
  • Give the chainstay a really good clean to remove any grunge or old adhesive. Finish it off with some isopropyl alcohol to get things squeaky clean. Avoid using household cleaners as they often contain silicone which will prevent the adhesive from sticking properly.
  • Test the length of VHS and trim to size if required
  • Peel the backing tape and apply even, firm pressure while attaching the VHS tape to the bike.
  • Leave it to set for at least 30 mins before riding, and up to 6 hrs if you'll be heading out into wet conditions.
  • Offcuts can be great for use in other small areas.

Standout feature: Looks a bit like a strip of Cadbury's dark chocolate but this thing is chockablock full of sound deadening goodness. The knobby rubber design creates more surface area for the chain to contact and gives the chainstay more padding without being too bulky.

Pros: Looks neat and will banish chainslap to make your bike sound super stealthy.

Cons: Won't make you ride as fast as Eddie Masters. Doesn't taste like chocolate.

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