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USWE Airborne-3 Hydration Pack

7 Reviews
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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

Nearly awesome

by -

Better than a Camelback! I really like the bladder which you can wash out properly!
The harness style straps are a good idea but isn’t 100% still dances around and is tighter fitting!
If you have broader shoulders you have to undo the straps or dislocate a shoulder to get this thing on! I still rate it over most packs thought!

great pack


I've had loads of hydration packs over the years, mostly camelbak packs; but this is the best hydration pack I've ever used, The harness keeps the pack completely secure and it doesn't move around at all when riding full gas. Super lightweight and comfortable to wear. Fits a phone tools etc and has a key pocket inside the bladder compartment in case you want to take the detachable pocket off. very impressed.

NDM is for real


This is a fantastic pack! I am a taller rider and have found that other pack brands that include waist straps don’t suit me (waist band goes across my belly button) so I chose this pack for the NDM harness. It’s great and works as advertised, only slipped forward when I bent over to toe shoelaces otherwise stayed put!

Super comfortable pack


No dancing monkey is accurate! Sits well and is super comfortable compared to a traditional two strap pack. Decent enough storage for a half day ride, with room for a multi-tool, spare tube, some gels, and phone. Doesn't get to warm, but it is the middle of winter so that might change.

Would never buy another 'normal' pack again.


I've really disliked riding with normal camelbaks in the past but this is totally different. Sits up super high, doesnt move around and super comfortable. Has enough space for phone, and basic stuff you would take on the trail. Absolutely love it

No good with a Neck brace

by -

Purchased this based on manufacturers site stating that these worked well with a Neck Brace. Absolutely dispute this. My son competed recently at the Nationals Enurdo in Adelaide and we needed something more than water bottles for the long day on the bike.
The bag and setup is terrific....but don't get fooled into the manufacturers it works with neck doesn't not. Both kids found with two different braces, they could not turn their heads while riding...not good.

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