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The Best MTB Movies... Period!

September 23, 2019

If you're looking for riding motivation, you can't go past a solid MTB movie! But with so much choice out there for what to watch, where do you even begin? Thankfully to save you the trouble, the MTB Direct team have come to the rescue and have shared their fave films below. So grab your mates, a few pizzas and a slab of beer and settle in for a night of hucks, sends, bails and all-out epic shredding from the worlds best riders! 



Jacob: Fast, rough, dusty, just the kind of riding I love to do, and watching a master at work in the terrain I love most is amazing. Madeira is the perfect location for anything really. The movie itself is phenomenal as well, my fave scene was a struggle between Bruni, Finn Illes, and Connor Fearon.

Tim: Not only the fastest riders about but arguably the most stylish ones too absolutely dominating. Every riders section just looks ridiculously fast. The narration by Alan Ford (think "Snatch" / "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" movies) is the icing on the cake. For mine, I think Finn Iles' section is my favourite, it's so ridiculously pinned! Notable mentions go to Connor Fearon and Rat Boy for their sections too.


Return To Earth

Damien: It blew my mind seeing kids going big at Whistler with way more skills than me. The whole movie shows the breadth & depth of MTB - I was pumped after it finished!


Strength In Numbers

Mark: I saw the premiere of this movie in Whistler; I think this may have been the first MTB movie I had ever seen and the crowd was wild! Descending the Swiss Alps is now on my bucket list thanks to this film. Extra points for the most awesome tailwhip slow-mo shot of any MTB movie ever!


Life Cycles

Phill: LifeCycles is what riding is about for me. Getting out there any getting after it, being in nature. Increasing your pace to slow down your mind. Regardless of the message the movie promotes- when the focus is on cinematography and it takes a few years to film you know it's going to be a good bike movie!



Rowan: Beautiful cinematography, the smoothest riding you'll ever see, and a soundtrack to groove to.


A Slice Of British Pie

Rob: Who needs huge budgets and fancy slow-mo cinematography when you have a camcorder, a bunch of crazy Scotsmen, and a series of muddy ruts scratched into on a boggy hillside. The way these guys can corner a bike is insane and they make being cold and muddy look like so much fun.


New World Disorder III - Freewheel Burning

Stu: This was the craziest riding I had ever seen when I was younger. It's pretty much what got me into mountain biking (although I will never be this crazy). If you like Freeride movies, its a must watch.



Rob: Even though they are now well over a decade old and their bikes and kit look a bit funny, the Earthed movies are absolute classics. The music choice can be pretty questionable at times but all the footage of amazing riding and crazy shenanigans that Alex Rankin managed to capture just gets me pumped every time I watch them. How people managed to go that fast with bars that skinny just never ceases to amaze me!


New World Disorder VI — Unchained

Rigo: Whilst there are prettier MTB movies out there, the NWD series still holds up today. Of all the NWD movies this is still my favourite. Great soundtrack, especailly Carlin Dunne's scene with DIO \m/

Meet Mark!

Mark is our Head of Marketing & Brand, tasked with making sure that everyone thinks "MTB Direct" when it comes to all their MTB needs! After discovering mountain biking during the short Canadian summers, he's out almost every weekend enjoying the year-round riding and huge variety of awesome trails on offer in and around Brisbane.