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The Best $150 You Can Spend On Your Bike!

August 12, 2019

We get asked all the time what people should buy when they've got a limited budget, be that for themselves, or for someone else as a gift. So we've decided to try and put together a nice little list for you guys to have a look at each of our personal recommendations.

We asked the team what they would spend their money on, if they had a budget of $150, and the results are pretty varied. Take a look below and hopefully something stands out for you!


Mark - Marketing Guru:
E-Thirteen Semi Slick LG1 Enduro Tyre

"Plenty of rolling speed on hard pack trails, with the cornering grip you'd expect from an enduro or DH tyre when you lean it in to the corners."


Rigo - Product Manager:
Ergon SME3 MTB Enduro Saddle

"Super comfortable, durable and lightweight saddle. Huge upgrade from most saddles that come stock on bikes. Big range of models and widths for the best fit."


Damien - IT Crowd:
Henty Lumbar Enduro Pack

"Lots of pockets and elastic loops to hold everything in for a decent length ride, including 2L of water. Weight is distributed across your hips, rather than on your shoulders, which doesn't impede movement. Great for keeping your back cool and it still stays in place even over seriously rough ground."


Joel - Stock Dude:
Fidlock Twist Bottle and Bike Mount

"Magnetic bottle and mount. Makes for a super neat install and easy bottle access in frames that don't have much space like complicated shock mounts, small frames, or kids bikes."


Kate - HR Lady:
Joystick Binary Carbon Bars

"Upgrade to these super light, yet super tough carbon bars and from where you sit you'll think you've got a whole new ride (no more scratches from that last OTB)."


Tim - Mr Boss Man:
Back Country Research Mutherload

"Great way to store your spares, nice and neat and ensures you're never stuck out in the bush without the means to fix something."


Rob - Customer Service Manager:
Fork seals and foam rings

"You don't realise how poor the performance of your fork has incrementally become over time until you take the time to drop the lowers and give them some love with fresh seals and lube. 30 minutes later - BOOM new feeling forks, sometimes even better than new!"


Andrew - U.S Based Customer Service Dude:
Suspension rebuild

"Same as Rob really, but for the back of the bike if you have full suspension. Get that shock back to it's best."


Jacob - Customer Service Team:
PNW Components Loam Lever

"This little lever may not seem like much, but it is by far the most ergonomic, easy to use, and good looking dropper lever on the market. It actually makes your dropper perform better. Fits to just about any cable actuated dropper on the market."


Bruno - Ze French Cuztoma Zervice Team:
OneUp Components Composite Pedals

"Super grippy, wide, and not too heavy. These are a great alternative to the more pricey alloy pedals. Rebuild kits are also readily available."


Phill - Customer Service Team:
Skills Coaching

"NOTHING improves your riding better than having a professional assess and improve upon your fundamental skills on a bike."


Rowan - Customer Service Team:
Skills Coaching

"As Phill said! So many people in Australia don't go for it. Nobody is as good as they think they are, or as good as they can be. The best way to get better is with professional coaching."


Stu - Customer Service Team:
OneUp Components Bash Guard and Guide

"Nothing worse than absolutely nailing a run, and having to pull over and stop to fix a dropped chain. A chain guide with a bashguard is even better, as it'll also protect your frame and chainring."


Hopefully this guide can help direct your bike funds somewhere useful! As always, hit us up on the live chat or via the contact form if you have any questions!

Meet Jacob!

Jacob started mountain biking about 6 years ago when his Dad roped him into a pairs race. It's been an addiction ever since and he now spends most days researching, reading about new parts, and getting out and riding! He's part of our customer service team and loves to talk all things MTB! He's a Level 1 MTB Instructor, and races local and national enduro... on a steel hardtail. Ask him about that.