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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Sealant Bottle

36 Reviews
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Ratings & Reviews

36 reviews

Stan’s No Tubes


The original. The best. Stan is the man!

Stan's it seals away all the burps and farts you plan to have.


Stan's definitely the man when it comes to liquid latex. Never had any issues with Stan and his sealant. Better then a hot cuppa on a cold morning. Seals quicker and lasts longer then my relationships.

Still the best sealant out there!


Stans is still the king of sealant as far as I know (tends to clog valve cores but worth the pain),
I tried Effeto Mariposa in my 29er and 27.5 Plus tires and it dried up in less than a month and couldn't seal anything anymore!.
1L bottle at a good price, just what I need as I tend to swap/trial tyres on a regular basis.

I'll be up for a

by -

I'll be up for a new wheel set in the near future as the bearings in my current wheel set are near dead, so in the meantime I decided to experiment with tubeless setup on my current wheels for the learning experience. I didn't realise how many little cracks and small holes my tyres had until the sealant was installed and doing it's thing. Watching it seep through the cracks and then dry up to create an airtight seal is like watching blood clot up from a small cut. After this I was able to get the tyres to seat in tubeless on my rims. Great stuff. One of my tyres did have a sidewall split which was simply too big for the sealant to close up, so I used a tube patch on the inside of the tyre and allowed the sealant to pool around the patch. It took about a day or so but it worked..... the sidewall split was sealed. Also, do yourself a favour and get the sealant injector. Makes a much easier job of sealant installation.

Stans liquid is good. The bottle

by -

Stans liquid is good. The bottle lid is not. I took this on a plane and it exploded all over my checked baggage. The lid on the old bottles used to be a screw top, now it is a flip top lid. Keep your old bottle lid. It would be much better if it came with an applicator for the valve. Good idea to buy a small stans 2oz bottle and use that to measure and put liquid into the valve.

it works!!!

by -

how easy was this, i had nightmares that this was going to be one of those things you regret doing yourself but far from it.
new valves, seated the tyre with core removed using compressed air, injected required sealant direct into valve stem.
done and dusted in less than an hour. no leaks or pressure loss so far.

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