Squirt Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock

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Squirt Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock is a brand new offering from Squirt Cycling Products.  Known for their top quality chain lube, Squirt has been working on Squirt Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock for sometime now.  Already proving itself on the race track Squirt finally announced it was time to let it out into the wild!

Who's this item for: Riders and racers who are after an effective, environmentally friendly tubeless sealant.

Tyre compatibility: Squirt Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock is compatible with all tubeless tyres and can even be used in tubes.

Lifespan: Although currently unconfirmed, Squirt claims it's 'longer lasting'.

Usable temperature range: Planning on riding across the Simpson Desert? Or maybe a quick trip to Maydena where it always seems to be 2C even when its blue skies and beautiful? No worries!! The usable temperature range of Squirt Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock is from -20 to +40C.

Hole sealing size: Squirt claims it will seal punctures from objects up to 6mm in diameter. 

Includes applicator lid/syringe: The 150mL bottle uses an applicator lid that can install the sealant straight into the valve of your wheel.  The 1L bottle is designed to be poured directly into the unseated tubeless tyre.

Sealing method: Squirt Tyre Sealant is a latex based sealant that also uses a granular substance they call BeadBlock. Alongside the latex and BeadBlock are microfibres which also aid in the sealing process.

Contains Ammonia: Nope. Ammonia free.  This sealant is environmentally safe, biodegradable and has minimal to zero bioaccumulation

Ease of cleaning scale (higher is easier) 1-10: Currently unknown! Have you used it? Let us know how easily it cleans up by writing a review below.

Pros: Multiple bottle sizes.  Those little 150mL bottles are perfect for trips. Environmentally friendly. Broad usable temperature range.

Cons: An injector syringe wouldn't be a bad thing to help keep the installation cleaner.
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