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Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Alloy Bars

11 Reviews
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11 reviews

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Fantastic product


I have osteoarthritis in my wrists/hands and had surgery on my right wrist. Riding was painful. I bought a set of Spank Spike bars and could not believe how bloody good they are! Pain is reduced significantly.
Highly recommended! 👍

Fantastic bars


Fantastic bars!! No more arm pump or sore hands, after my first ride I immediately noticed the difference to my stock bars..alloy but nice and light👌 highly recommend.

Vibrocore - It works!


After doing some research on the Vibrocore feature, I was slightly sceptical.
I’m glad to say I was wrong in my scepticism, the Vibrocore system works and works very well.
The vibration reduction is noticeable, which results in less arm pump and grip fatigue.
The bars have a high quality shot peened anodised finish which stand up to abuse.

Ok. So like, if your

by -

Ok. So like, if your looking at these. You've probably been looking at carbon bars, or have heard that carbon bars reduce arm pump, but don't want to run carbon and have researched all sorts of alloy and titanium bars. There's one simple question you want answered: Do these help reduce arm pump/fatigue? Yes. Honestly. They do. Deeper analysis; Everyone knows that feeling, after smashing a few downhill runs, of having to peel your fingers off the bars. Unable to hold on but also unable to let go. That is where these shine. I compared them back to back with standard alloy bars of the same sweep but slightly different width. I was able to do 1 sight and 7 full runs, back to back, in 4 hours, before I couldn't hold on to the bars anymore. One week later, with no training or riding between, was able to do 1 sight and 10 full runs in 4 hours. And I could probably have kept going, but it was getting dark. So in conclusion: If you are looking at bars, do yourself a favour, throw down the extra few dollars. Its a few grams heavier but so much better.

Nice big bar that says 'SPANK'!!

by -

Been loving this bar. Being 6ft 4 and on a larger side of life, these big wide bars have treated me well so far.
Not sure if its the length, or the vibrocore filling, but my palms are not getting the tingles they were with my previous bars.
Got a feeling these will stay on for awhile.

Spank Spike Vibrocore Alloy Bars

by -

Fitted the 800mm bars to my 2015 Trek Remedy and then spent 3 days blasting around Derby in Tasmania.Being 208 cm tall and the wrong side of 100kg the bars worked a treat. Not a trace of flex and a solid steering response.

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