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Rockshox Reverb 1x Remote Lever

13 Reviews
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A Thousand Times Better!!


So glad I went and changed out my push button remote with this lever, I couldn't get the push button remote close enough to my thumb in order to use it quickly when I needed it, hence I didn't use it as much as I wanted.

This under bar lever was a breeze to install, I watched the install video once and didn't have to refer to it again. It took me 40 minutes tops to do the install. The lever sits exactly where I need it to get to with my thumb and it's effortless to operate. Make sure you follow the vacuum process to remove all the air from the line as this makes the operation of the lever silky smooth.

It comes with two bar clamps, a SRAM one if you want to mount your brakes as well but this clamp can also be used a stand alone clamp if you want. The other clamp is a discrete bar clamp and if I only had one grip it is that this clamp isn't hinged so I had to take my grip, brakes and mode switch off to fit the bar clamp for the remote,

more trouble than it's worth... just like the Reverb post.


A poor investment for little gain. Ridiculously expensive, fiddly to install and fickle in operation. my bike has been out of action for (literally) weeks since attempting to replace the original post actuator with this beastly unit. I'm reasonably capable and had a crack installing on my own. it bled hydraulic fluid through the connection point and speed adjust, with no seat operation. I tried again, with a full system bleed... still no operation. I had a mechanic look at it on a couple of occasions, both of which it worked fine in the shop and for 10 mins into the first ride, before the seatpost ceased up entirely. don't waste your time and money on this. 4 weeks since first attempt at install and I have yet to see any value added with this upgrade.

Too expensive, but much better than the original remote

by -

The 1x remote is so much better than the original push button thing - having a similar remote on my other bike for a cable operated dropper meant I knew how much better it would be, so dropped the $ on the upgrade. It works really well and is easy to use - perfect for a 1 x drive train setup.

I had some troubles with the installation as I followed the procedure in the SRAM youtube video which and the result was hydraulic fluid would leak from the hose attachment whenever the remote level was pressed. I contacted SRAM directly who provided me with some instructions on how to remove the barb from the remote and install it on the hose before reassembling the remote which worked well.

Reverb 1X Remote Lever

by -

Installation can be very frustration as it is hard to get a proper seal at the hydraulic hose barb. Every time it does not seal, the hose has to be cut and the lever has to be threaded on again. I needed about 6 goes for the hydraulic hose connection to seal properly and I am very mechanically minded.
It is a bad design, an olive type connection would be much better.

One of my favourite upgrades ever

by -

For anyone with an old style push button Reverb, you need this lever. Much easier to press, and offers a lot more control when extending the seat post. Yes it's too expensive, but it really is worth the outlay. Great upgrade.

Much improved

by -

The under-bar shifter is much more intuitively positioned and easier to operate than the old-style Reverb lever. Definitely looks better too! New style bleed syringe is enclosed which goes some way to making up for the expense.

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