Rockshox Pike A1-A2 C1 Debonair Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade your A1-A2 Pike to the new C1 Debonair Upgrade Kit to bring it up to speed with the latest offerings from Rockshox in their 2021 range. The new air spring has a longer red foot nut and larger lower seal head which act to position the piston higher in the fork, putting it right on the dimple that allows air to move between the positive and negative air chambers.

Ok then, but how does that benefit me? The older DebonAir was still amazing but it could have a bit of a tendency to get sucked down into its travel when the bike was unweighted, so even if the sag and air pressure were set up correctly some riders were finding that they often had a few mm less travel available than they should have. The new air spring will prevent your fork from being sucked down and it will ride higher in its travel than the previous generation of Debonair. You'll get less brake dive and it'll feel better on steeper trails. If you have a 140mm air spring, you'll have 140mm of usable travel, not 136mm or so.

Who this for? This version of the C1 DebonAir Upgrade Kit is suitable for riders with A1 or A2 (2014-2017) Pikes. This kit can be used to upgrade your fork to the latest spec, and even change the amount of travel while you're at it.

Spring type: This is the C1 DebonAir Air Spring. The latest and greatest offering from Rockshox.

Suspension travel amount: Options are available from 120mm through to 160mm of travel. The length of travel will vary depending on whether the air spring is installed in a 26", 27.5", or 29" fork so be sure to double-check before purchasing!

Adaptable to other forks: No, this is suitable for A1-A2, 2014-2017 model Pike forks only. The Revelation wasn't introduced until the Pike was up to the B1 model, so if you have a Revelation, Lyrik, or Yari you'll need a different kit.

  • 120mm (26")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.012
    Barcode: 710845847936
  • 130mm (26"), 120mm (27.5")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.011
    Barcode: 710845847929
  • 140mm (26"), 130mm (27.5")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.010
    Barcode: 710845847912
  • 150mm (26"), 140mm (27.5"), 120mm (29")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.009
    Barcode: 710845847905
  • 160mm (26"), 150mm (27.5"), 130mm (29")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.008
    Barcode: 710845847899
  • 160mm (27.5"), 140mm (29")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.007
    Barcode: 710845847882
  • 150mm (29")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.006
    Barcode: 710845847875
  • 160mm (29")
    RockShox Part: 00.4020.552.005
    Barcode: 710845847868
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120mm 26 Inch
120mm 27.5 Inch-130mm 26 Inch
120mm 29 Inch-140mm 27.5 Inch
130mm 27.5 Inch-140mm 26 Inch
130mm 29 Inch-150mm 27.5 Inch
150mm 29 Inch
160mm 29 Inch
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120mm 26 Inch - 2014-2017710845847936
120mm 27.5 Inch-130mm 26 Inch - 2014-2017710845847929
120mm 29 Inch-140mm 27.5 Inch - 2014-2017710845847905
130mm 27.5 Inch-140mm 26 Inch - 2014-2017710845847912
130mm 29 Inch-150mm 27.5 Inch - 2014-2017710845847899
150mm 29 Inch - 2014-2017710845847875
160mm 29 Inch - 2014-2017710845847868

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