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TLD UPS 7850 Youth Short Sleeve Protective Shirt

TLD UPS 7850 Youth Short Sleeve Protective Shirt

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The TLD UPS 7850 Youth Short Sleeve Protective Shirt has got your back (and your front) for those times when you run out of talent and say hello to the dirt unexpectedly. The shirt is customisable with easily removable armour pieces so you can take things out that you don't need and keep the protection where you need it most. Ventilated Strata-Foam padding offers excellent protection against impact and abrasion and is anatomically laid out so that it won't restrict your movement. Dense Bio-foam padding protects the spine and other key areas of the back.The shirt has a wide neck opening for comfort and the open armpit design help with cooling.

Who's this item for: Young gravity riders (or their parents) that want sleek torso and arm protection that isn't too bulky and is comfortable to ride in.

Protection Style: You get full-length, chest and spine protection, as well as shoulder and upper arm protection. The versatile pocket design means that you can easily remove armour pieces so you can be protected where you need it while removing bulk where you don't. 

Materials: Anatomically placed, dense Bio-foam and Strata-Foam padding for protection and Hex Mesh construction to allow for airflow. 

Length of protection: Full torso and short sleeve arm protection.

Protection level: This garment provides moderate torso and upper arm protection.

Removable protective inserts for washing: Many of the pads are removable to customise the armour placement so you can also remove these for washing.

Pros: Excellent protection and customisable armour placement via removable pads. 

Cons: No padding on the lower arms so some riders may wish to pair this up with their favourite elbow pads.
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