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Time ATAC MX4 Pedals

Time ATAC MX4 Pedals

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The Time ATAC MX4 pedal is a favourite among off road and gravel riders.  Their ATAC (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept) design allows for a positive, easy cleat engagement and is also self clearings.  That means no clogged pedals on your next muddy ride.  The ATAC concept also allows the release angle to be independent of spring tension which Time claims to considerably reduce the risk of tendinitis for riders who put in big KM's.  The large platform provides a stable base while it's hollow steel axles make the pedals light yet durable. 

Who's this item for: Trail, Enduro and All Mountain riders will appreciate the large platform of the ATAC MX4.

Weight: Time claims the pedals weigh 384-grams per pair. Independent reviews show them to be over 400-grams.

Bearings: Time lists the bearings as being made of steel. 

Cleat interface: The ATAC MX4's come with Time's own ATAC Easy Cleats that have a release angle of 10-degrees.  You can purchase separately the ATAC Cleats 13/17 which have a release angle of 13 or 17-degrees depending what cleat is on the right or left foot.  The release tension of these pedals is not adjustable but since the release angle is independent of the spring tension the release is easy and consistent. 

Q-Factor: Unknown.

Materials: The body of the pedal is a glass-filled composite while the spring and hollow axles are made from steel. 

Pros: Everytime you clip into these pedals they clear the mud and debris from the cleat/clip area.  If you ride in a muddy region this feature is a life saver.  They are very positive to clip into and out of.  The option to buy cleats with different release angles is great for riders of different abilities.

Cons: On the heavier side of the spectrum. 
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