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Rubber Side Down Her Cargo Base Layer

Rubber Side Down Her Cargo Base Layer

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The Rubber Side Down Cargo Base Layer is a sleeveless base designed to be worn under a jersey, T-shirt or even over bib shorts, providing a secure and comfortable solution to carrying snacks, phones, multi-tools and tubes. The Cargo Base Layer features the latest in premium Italian recycled, superlight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric, designed and made right here in Australia for optimal performance in Australian Conditions. The sleeveless design and contoured fit incorporate flatlock seams to eliminate chafing and the outstanding moisture-wicking and drying technology of the Cargo Base combine to keep you comfortable.

Who's this item for: The Cargo Base Layer is suitable for anyone wanting to carry supplies, phones, keys, tools, CO2 or spares on them in a secure way. By keeping your items close to you, they don't move around so much making it more comfortable and more secure.

Sleeve Length: This is a sleeveless 'vest' intended to be worn under a shirt or jersey.

Fit Type: The Cargo Base is designed to be a snug fit, to provide the lowest profile possible and to keep all of your cargo secure.

Materials: Italian super soft, recycled polyester.

Pockets Position and Quantity: There are 3 substantial rear pockets on the Cargo Base Layer for carrying anything you want, securely and comfortably.

Neck: The cargo base has a comfortable round neck.

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