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PNW Components Range KW Edition Alloy Bars

PNW Components Range KW Edition Alloy Bars

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Handlebar Clamp Diameter
With modern mountain bikes getting slacker and longer, often the riders body position is a bit of an afterthought from manufactures. Designed to work nicely with modern geometry and inspired by professional rider Kyle Warner, the PNW Range: KW Edition allows your shoulder blades to sit in a more neutral position while also reducing wrist fatigue and discomfort. 

In addition, they support the riding community with 5% of all sales going to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and did we mention they come in some pretty sweet colours? 

Who's this item for: Trail, Enduro or even DH riders looking for a high quality alloy bar.

Material: They are made from 2014 Aluminium Alloy which has the chatter absorbing qualities of carbon without the price. The trail friendly material is lighter than 6061 alloy and more supple than 7075 alloy.  

Width: 780mm wide.

Sweep: They Feature 5° upsweep and 10° backsweep for a trail friendly geometry.

Rise: 30mm rise.

Markings: They feature centre alignment markings to make sure you get them lined up perfectly. 

Clamping diameter/bore: 31.8mm clamp size only.

Weight: They weigh 334gm.

Pros: Designed to work with Modern Geometry, lightweight and strong.

Cons: Only available in 31.8mm clamp size.
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