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PNW Components Loam Grip

PNW Components Loam Grip

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Grip Component:
Single Lock On Grips
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Feature packed, ultra tacky, and ergonomically patterned, the Loam Grip is here to keep your hands happy campers on the longest and roughest descent.

Who's this for: Trail to DH riders looking for a comfy grip that strikes a great balance between grip and longevity, comfort and control.

Mounting style: These are a slip-on grip with a single inner clamp.

Material: The grip material is a 25a 'Happy Camper' rubber compound. Nice and tacky, but not so grippy that it'll wear out in only a few weeks.

Pattern: There are two, contrasting patterns here. The outer, 'mountain' pattern is a bit thicker, allowing for more cushioning and support for the heel of your palm. While the inboard area is wave patterned for maximum vibration damping and grip for your thumb area.

Features: There is also a flange at the clamp for a bit of extra slip protection and support. It's not so large as to get in the way of your thumbs reaching your shift or dropper levers.

End caps: The grips cover the end of the bars and are enclosed.

Diameter: 30mm average diameter here. There's an ever so slight taper towards the inboard clamp, but the average is 30mm.

Length: 133.5mm long.

Weight: 90g per pair.

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