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Oury Single Lock On V2 Grip

Oury Single Lock On V2 Grip

Deja Blue
Grip Component:
Single Lock On Grips
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Oury's are an all-time classic has been around since all the way back in the '90s in their original guise as a slip-on grip. Generations of riders have loved the soft, squishy feel and the way the large square pads dampen trail chatter and lessen the vibration felt through the bars. The Oury Single Lock-On V2 Grips take the classic feel of the original Oury grips and make them infinitely better by turning them into a single clamp lock-on design. Say goodbye to grips that get terrifyingly twisty when they get wet, or outer clamps that create hotspots on your palms when you run your hands out on the outer edges of the bars.

Who's this item for: Oury's are a great option for riders with big hands, or for those that just like a larger feeling grip. They are suitable for any type of riding but may not be suitable for riders with smaller hands.

Mounting style: These are a single clamp lock-on grip. The clamp is on the inner edge of the grip, and the padded portion seamlessly runs all the way to the outer edge so you can run your hands on the ends of the bar without any discomfort.

Material: The grips are made out of big, soft, squishy rubber but Oury doesn't have any fancy names for the compound they use.

Pattern: Large blocks of squishy rubber. There is an inner ring with ribbing that might give your thumb a nice place to sit but there isn't any knurling anywhere on the grips.

Features: Single clamp design for comfort all the way to the outer edge. Large pad design eliminates numbness and slipping and dampens trail chatter and vibration through the bars.

Soft / firm: These grips have the classic Oury rubber compound. It's soft and squishy but doesn't wear out too quickly.

End caps: The single-clamp design of these grips means that they don't have any end caps.

Diameter: 33mm outer diameter.

Length: 135mm measuring from the outer edge of the clamp to the end of the grip.

Weight: 122g

What's in the box: 2 grips, 2 clamps, and 2 steel lockjaw bolts.

Pros: All the things that people love about Oury grips in a modern package that won't twist, and won't hurt your hands if you run them on the ends of the bars.

Cons: These are fairly large grips at 33mm OD. They may not be the greatest option for riders with smaller hands.
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