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Manitou Mastodon Comp Extended Fork

Manitou Mastodon Comp Extended Fork

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ColourFork Axle SizeFork OffsetFork TravelSteerer TypeWheel Size Price Add to Wishlist
Manitou Mastodon Comp Extended Fork Matte Black15x150mm51mm120mmTapered 1 1-8-1.5 Inch26 Inch-27.5 Inch
Regular price $949.95
Regular price Sale price $949.95
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Matte Black
Tapered 1 1-8-1.5 Inch
26 Inch-27.5 Inch

Manitou Mastodon Comp Extended Fork
Regular price $949.95
Regular price Sale price $949.95
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Since their first mountain bike suspension fork in 1989, Manitou has continued to pursue the “science of smooth” with decades of extensive R&D and testing at national and global Pro MTB levels and their development of countless notable products over those years has resulted in Manitou earning a reputation for having some of the most reliable suspension products on the market.

The Mastodon Comp is a true trail fork for Fatbikes, offering 120mm to 140mm of travel on a chassis designed for 150mm wide 15mm thru-axle hubs. Designed to offer trail-taming chatter and impact absorption at the extreme end of the temperature scale, the Mastodon is designed to work equally well in the deep powder of Alaska's snow, and the deep red sands of Australia's outback.

The distinctive reverse bridge design of the Manitou lower legs is said to increase the stiffness, lower weight, shield your seals from debris and provide protected hydraulic hose routing without affecting frame clearance and tyre clearance.

Who's this item for: Riders with a 26" or 27.5" Fatbikes wanting a high-performance trail fork to suit their 15x150mm front hub.

Spring type: The Mastodon features Manitou's Expert Air with a unique balancing valve that equalises the positive and negative air chambers to give a plush initial feel to riders of all weights and provides a consistent feel through the fork's travel with no dead spots.

Wheel size compatibility: The Mastodon can fit 26"", 27.5"" and 29"" wheels

Fork offset: The Mastodon features a 51mm fork offset.

Axle to crown height: 513-571mm

Max tyre width: Can fit up to 26 x 5.15" and 27.5 x 4.5" as well as 29 x 3"

Suspension travel amount: The Mastodon Extended comes standard with 120mm travel but is adjustable up to 140mm.

Compression damper style technologies / adjustments: Manitou's Variable Terrain Tune (VTT) compression damping adjusts both high-speed and low-speed circuits in three factory set tunes for maximum versatility with minimum rider input.

Rebound damper technologies / adjustments: Twin Piston Chamber (TPC) technology locates a fixed compression piston and a moving rebound piston at opposite ends of the damper tube. This proven architecture improves consistency and responsiveness by ensuring that oil is always pushed through the damping circuit and never pulled, reducing aeration and preventing cavitation.

Travel adjustability: Comes standard with 120mm travel but can be internally adjusted to 130mm or 140mm

Volume adjustability: Air spring volume is adjustable with volume spacers.

Stanchion diameter: The Mastodon uses 34mm diameter, 6000 series aluminium, straight wall tube stanchions.

Axle size and style: 15mm x 150mm Hexlock SL

Steerer tube standard: The Mastodon comes with a 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" tapered steerer

Lowers materials: Aluminium Magnesium Alloy

CSU / Steerer tube materials: Hollow aluminium crown

Brake hose clamp / retention style: Cable tie loops are provided on the rear of the lower legs.

Brake mount style: (and size) Post mount 180mm

Brake rotor compatibility (minimum / maximum): 180mm / 203mm

Weight: 2374g

Pros: The 34mm Chassis is stiff, 120-140mm travel is trail-ready, excellent high and low-temperature operation and plush ride feel makes the Mastodon a great all-round package.

Cons: Some may prefer the ability to adjust high and low-speed compression individually.