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Ion E-Traze Elbow Pads

Ion E-Traze Elbow Pads

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The Ion E-Traze Elbow Pads offer a comfortable, washable, flexible, lightweight, breathable, elbow protection that are hard to look past. EN 1621-1, Level 1 certified guarantees protection for more than just abrasions.  If you are chasing a new set of trail friendly elbow pads that are sure to stay in place, these are well worth your consideration.

Who's this item for: Trail, All Mountain and Enduro riders after a good level of protection that can be worn from the beginning of the ride right through to the end. 

Protection Style: The E-Traze Elbow Pad are an impact resistant foam style protection that utilise a super flexible and thin SAS-TEC main padding.  This multi-impact compliant elbow pad has also taken reliability to heart and has directly attached the protection pad to the fabric so everything stays in place when you have a digger.

Materials: The K-Traze Elbow Pads feature a new, very breathable sleeve material: the Super_Perforator_Neoprene provides maximum breathability even on long uphills.  The neoprene sleeve is very flexible and conforms to your body very well.  The main protection area is covered in Power_Aramid, which is a material originally designed by Du Pont.  This material offers outstanding tear resistance and tensile strength. For those that like to know the finer construction details: 35% neoprene, 25% polyurethane, 20% polyethylene, 15% polyester, 5% polyamide.

Closure or Slip-on: The E-Traze Elbow Pads are a slip-on style pad that offer a very slim fit.  Due to clever distribution of mesh and stretch materials, no straps are necessary to hold the protector in place. 

Length of elbow pad: The elbow pads fit from the lower bicep to the top of the forearm.  

Protection level: These would be considered a moderate level of protection. They offer more than your standard 'elbow warmer' style protection but don't offer as much as a plastic covered elbow guard.

Removable protective inserts for washing: Nope, but the SAS-TEC protection is attached directly to the fabric so they will withstand washing.

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable and close fitting.

Cons: Although the Super_Perforate_Neoprene is the most breathable fabric Ion has used it is still warmer than a mesh fabric. 
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