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Fox Shox Transfer Remote Lever

Fox Shox Transfer Remote Lever

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Shifter Remote Mount

The Fox Transfer dropper remote lever has been totally updated for 2021 and features greatly improved ergonomics, a large sealed bearing for smoother operation, and is now compatible with SRAM Matchmaker and Shimano I-Spec EV brakes for a nice clean cockpit setup (includes the fittings to mount to both). 

2020 model is 22.2mm bar clamp only.

Who's this item for: If you have a Fox Transfer dropper post the Transfer remote is a great choice. 

Compatibility: The Transfer remote has been specifically designed with the Transfer dropper post in mind but it will also be compatible with other rear-feed droppers that have the barrel end of the cable at the post and clamp the cable at the lever.

Tension adjuster: Yes there is a barrel adjuster for the cable tension on the remote. 

Weight: 33.5g 

Stand out features: Large sealed roller bearing for smooth operation, improved ergonomics, compatible with both Matchmaker and I-Spec EV and includes the fittings for both.

What's in the box: Remote, cable, and cable housing.

Pros: The Transfer remote is now a real contender to compete with the most popular aftermarket remotes. It featured greatly improved ergonomics compared to previous models and is compatible with the most recent brake levers from SRAM and Shimano. 

Cons: These levers aren't directly compatible with some other brands of posts as the cable clamp bolt is at the lever - not on the post. Be sure to double check this if you don't have a Transfer dropper!

These levers are NOT included with a Transfer post and need to be purchased separately.


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