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Fox Defend 8 Inch Crew Socks

Fox Defend 8 Inch Crew Socks

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The Fox Defend 8 Inch Crew Socks are trail-ready socks that are built for demanding rides and whatever the day can throw at them. These high cushion socks provide compression arch support and with trail-specific cushioning at the heel, toe, and shin, all-day comfort is assured. The flat stitch toe construction stops chafing and irritation while you ride, and with the rib-knit upper, they'll stay up as long as you do.

Who's this item for: The 8" length is pretty much the perfect length to be able to pull them up and look like a real mountain biker while staying safely clear of Crossfit territory.

Sock Length/Height: 8 inches for socks that are not too long and not too short. Just right.

Stand out features: The flat-stitch toe construction means your toes will stay comfy when stuffed into narrow riding shoes, and the rib-knit upper won’t slide down when the trail gets rough, so you can ride all summer with them way up high and get that awful tan line where your knee pads finish and your socks begin.

Materials: 73% cotton, 17% polyamide nylon, 7% polyester, 3% elastane

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