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Evoc Bike Travel Bag

Evoc Bike Travel Bag

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No matter where your destination is, the Bike Travel Bag will keep your most prized possession safe!

Capable of carrying everything from road bikes to DH rigs, the Bike Travel Bag was specifically designed to protect your ride from the dangers of travel.  Watching your bike disappear behind the check in counter used to be terrifying!  However, this bag will put all your fears to rest.  This bag features two wheel pockets with reinforced rotor panels to prevent bent rotors and to protect your frame from impact.  The bag will keep your frame secure with straps and requires minimal disassembly, you just need to remove your handlebar and pedals.  When we travel, we trust Evoc with our bikes!


  • 9.1kg
  • 138 x 39 x 85 cm (outside dimensions)
  • 130 x 27 x 80 cm (Inside dimensions)
  • 126cm max wheelbase.
  • New polycarbonate bike block for fixation included
  • Suitable for road, XC, Trail, Enduro and DH bikes.  29" wheels too!
  • Not compatible with fat bikes. 
  • Foldable when not in use. Folds down to 136 x 39 x 25 cm

If you push your airline's weight limits, be sure to check out Evoc's Bike Travel Bag Pro for additional weight savings.  

Evoc also offers their Bike Stand for additional security and protection.  

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