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ESI FIT XC Silicone Slip On Grips

ESI FIT XC Silicone Slip On Grips

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Using ESI's well loved silicone compound, the new FIT XC grips, are an ergonomic grip that is a mix of the Chunky and Extra Chunky sizes.

They use 3 distinct areas of the grip to give maximum comfort, power and control.

  • The inner part is the thinnest and ensures that you have maximum control
  • The middle is tapered aiding in power
  • The outer is the thickest part to give the most cushioning and comfort.

The different grip thicknesses flow from one section to the other and immediately feels comfortable to hold.

If you love the idea of an ergonomic silicone grip, but would rather something a bit slimmer, than check out the ESI Fit CR.

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