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Effetto Mariposa Tubeless Valves

Effetto Mariposa Tubeless Valves

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A simple solution to an annoying problem!

Not all valves fit all rims, which means some annoying trial and error trying to get the right valve for your set up. But not with these Caffelatex valves!

Who's this for: Riders looking for a valve that will adapt to fit just about any rim out there.

Rim well compatibility: This great, modular base design will ensure the valves will adapt to suit most rims.

Valve core: The core is removable on these valves.

Valve cap: Red, anodised alloy valve cap included.

Materials: These are an alloy valve stem.

Rim protection: Not compatible with most rim protection inserts.

Pros: Modular for a variety of rims.

Cons: Don't work with inserts.
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