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Effetto Mariposa Offroad Shelter Frame Roll

Effetto Mariposa Offroad Shelter Frame Roll

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If you want to keep your bike as pristine as possible, keep it protected with the Off-Road Shelter Frame Roll from Effetto Mariposa. The tape offers almost invisible protection against impacts and scratches on your ride. Available in two different length rolls. Its perfect for the bike enthusiast, at home mechanic or even your local race team!

Who is this item for: Any rider who wants to protect their bike from scratches and impact damage.

How does it work: The tape is made with a composite structure. It features a 0.2mm thick scratch resistant upper layer, and a 1.0mm gummy layer underneath. The material distributes impact energy within itself to reduce it's efficiency to damage your frame.

Material: It is not specified what the protection is made from.

What type of frame: It is suitable for both carbon and metal (steel or alloy) frames.

Stand out features: Its easy to apply, it wont yellow like other frame protection and is even UV resistant (so the underlying paint will not be damaged). The Visco-elasticity also reduces vibrations which can only be a good thing, especially with some very rigid carbon frames.

Installation: Shelter frame protection is defined as semi-structural, so it is very strong but non-permanent. It takes Shelter 8 hours after installation to develop its optimal bonding, after that, the frame can be washed as per normal. It is also easy to install:
  1. Remove any cables or interfering elements and clean the area with Isopropyl alcohol. Remove any traces of dried alcohol with another clean cloth.
  2. Take a suitable pre-cut element or cut a custom sized piece and test fit it without removing the backing paper.
  3. Remove the backing paper and be careful not to touch the surface with your fingers (your finger prints will show up otherwise).
  4. Gently position the piece to where you want to protect without applying pressure or stretching it. Re-position if necessary.
  5. Start applying even pressure. Work from the centre out towards the sides to avoid trapping air bubbles or making wrinkles.
  6. Make sure you work on the whole element to make sure it sticks to the surface, especially on curved surfaces or tight edges.
  7. Go ride your bike!

Dimensions: Available in two different length rolls. They come in either 54mm x 1m or 54mm x 5m.

Whats in the box:
  • 1 x Roll of Shelter Off-Road protection tape.
Pros: Will protect your frame from scratches and impact damage. Easy to install and will not yellow over time. Enough tape to do a few bikes.

Cons: You will have to cut out the shapes yourself.
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