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Earshots Wireless Magnetic Headphones 2.0

Earshots Wireless Magnetic Headphones 2.0

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EarShots are an NZ company that has designed wireless Bluetooth earbuds specifically for riders and runners that "don't fall out" regardless of how much you move, sweat or how long you wear them.

The trick to their relentless fit is the Shocklock system which uses a magnet between the earbud and battery housing to clamp the earbud to your ear. It's not that firm that it feels like you're being pinched, but it's strong enough that it prevents the earbuds from being dislodged. The earbud itself rotates to fit your ears perfectly and has a 3-layer cushion, developed over a number of years, to provide hours of comfort on the trail, even when wearing helmets or eyewear.

If it's music that drives you, you'll appreciate the superb acoustics of version 2.0 and the 14.2mm titanium diaphragm drivers and support for 24-bit/96kHz high res audio thanks to Bluetooth 5.2. If it's the friendly voice of a podcast that keeps you going, rest assured you won't miss a word with excellent reproduction of the speech bandwidth between 300Hz and 3kHz, and this applies to speech clarity during calls too. The EarShots won't pressurise your ear canals either, keeping a balance between your source and the world around you to keep you connected.

With IPX4 water and sweat rating, the(more...)

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