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Blub Tubeless Sealant Bottle - 5 Litre

Blub Tubeless Sealant Bottle - 5 Litre

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Say hello to your new favourite tyre sealant. Instantly repair small holes in your tyres while you ride, Blub sealant comes in a variety of sizes and makes your riding more enjoyable, run lower pressures for more grip and stop worrying about the tiny punctures that can end your ride.

Who's this item for: Riders looking for a reliable and fast actioning tyre sealant.

Tyre compatibility: Works great for MTB tyres and plus tyres.

Lifespan: Last between 2-7 months depending on the weather.

Hole sealing size: Up to 6mm holes.

Sealing method: Simply activates with the pressure of the tyre and outside air to seal the holes.

Recommended amounts:

  • MTB 26 ”: 60-80ml
  • MTB 27.5 ”: 80-100ml
  • MTB 29 ”: 100-120ml
  • Fat Bike: 170-200ml

How to use:

  1. Remove the tire, remove the tube and mount the tubeless valve on the rim.
  2. Mount one bead of the tyre.
  3. Shake the bottle and apply the recommended amount according to the wheel you use.
  4. Mount the other bead with a bit of soap and water.
  5. Inflate up to the recommended pressure.
  6. Turn the wheel and take a short ride. Make sure the liquid is well distributed.
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