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Blub Dry Chain Lube

Blub Dry Chain Lube

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The Blub Dry Chain Lube is an oil-based lube formulated to provide excellent performance in dry conditions and long-distance road and MTB riding. The PTFE material penetrates each link of the chain for superior friction reduction and is unbeatable for dry, dusty conditions. It doesn't do too bad in the wet either!

Who's this item for: Ideal for long outings in dry and dusty conditions but the oil-based formula means that it'll hang in there longer than a waxed-based lube if it starts raining or you have to ride through some splooshy puddles.

Style of chain lube: Oil-based dry lubricant with PTFE material.

Suitable conditions: Ideal dry, dirty and dusty environments and adheres to the chain well in wet conditions.


  1. Clean the chain with bicycle chain degreaser to remove all traces of old lube.
  2. Shake and one drop per link and back-pedal the chain a few times.
  3. Wipe off the excess lube with a rag.
  4. Allow to dry for at least 2 minutes (the night before is even better!)
  5. Hit the trails
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