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Blub Ceramic Chain Lube

Blub Ceramic Chain Lube

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This Ceramic Chain Lube is the premium offering from Blub and provides advanced chain lubrication in all kinds of conditions. Ceramic particles are suspended in a wax-based solution that dries in a few minutes leaving a lubricating film that won't attract dirt and abrasive elements.

Who's this item for: Perfect for riders in dry, dusty conditions looking for a long-lasting chain lube that won't attract dirt and grit.

Style of chain lube: Waxed based chain lube with ceramic additives.

Suitable conditions: Ideal for sandy and dry to moist conditions. Not suitable for rainy or muddy conditions as this will wash out the lube. Keep a wet lube on hand for those wet days.

Why choose this:

  • Prolongs and protects the life of the transmission
  • Reduces noise and friction
  • Dry in a few minutes, leaving a lubricating film with low attraction of dirt and abrasive elements.
  • Longer duration between applications
  • Clean transmission for longer
  • Easily removed with soap and water.


  1. Clean the chain with bicycle chain degreaser to remove all traces of old lube.
  2. Shake and one drop per link and back-pedal the chain a few times.
  3. Allow to dry for at least 2 minutes (the night before is even better!)
  4. Hit the trails
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