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Beto Alloy Floor Pump With 2 Inch Gauge

Beto Alloy Floor Pump With 2 Inch Gauge

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Beto is a world-renown Taiwanese bike pump manufacturer that has won numerous design and innovation awards. Their pumps appear under many well-known brand names as well as their own brand, sold all over the world.

The MP-067WN Alloy Floor Pump With 2 Inch Gauge is an aluminium body, high-volume floor pump with a 2 Inch gauge mounted up nice and high to make it easy to see. The solid wooden handle and alloy base plates with grippers make this floor pump a pleasure to use with a solid feel and smooth action.

The dual-head provides separate openings and specific seals for Presta and Schrader valves rather than relying on one-size-fits both rubber seals, for a better fit and increased durability. The head is on a 900mm hose making it easy to reach your tyres in most situations including while on a bike workstand or on the bike carrier of your car.

Who's this item for: Anyone wanting a high-volume floor pump with an easy to see gauge and a nice long hose with reliable dual-valve capability.

Materials: Aluminium body and base, steel shaft, solid timber handle and plastic gauge.

Gauge Yes / No: Yep, a built-in 2 Inch pressure gauge is mounted up the top of the body so you don't have to bend down to read it.

Rated pressure: Up to 160psi with a 42mm body for high volume pumping, ideal for MTB tyres.

Pump head type: The dual-head provides a separate hole for Schrader and Presta valves and locks to the valve by lifting the lever.

What valves does it work on: Both Schreader and Presta valves are welcome here.

C02 compatible: No attachment for CO2 canister, sorry.

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