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All Mountain Style AMS Honeycomb Frame Guard

All Mountain Style AMS Honeycomb Frame Guard

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There's no doubt that mountain biking is rough on equipment. If you want to protect your ride and keep it looking new, AMS Honeycomb Frame Guards will go a long way keeping your bike looking fresh.

We strongly recommend this for anyone who rides mountain bikes. Not only will this protect your paint, it can also prevent more serious frame damage. It's extremely easy to install and in our opinion, there's no reason to not use this product. It will keep you happy and your ride will retain its value longer. ​

  • Standard size is great for XC and trail bikes.
  • Includes 9 pieces to cover all the high impact/wear areas on your frame.
    • 1 large section for downtube.
    • 5 arrow shaped pieces for extended protection.
    • 3 circles to prevent cable rub.
  • Minimum weight is 20 g.
  • Easy to install.
  • Automotive-Grade. Won't turn yellow over time.

Tips and tricks: Ensure that the surface you are protecting is clean and free of dirt and grit! You can also be creative with where you apply each piece. From our experience, other areas that suffer paint chips are the back of the seat tube and chainstays. If you ride in an area with loose rocky soil, then this item a must!

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