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Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Pedals

16 Reviews
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Ratings & Reviews

16 reviews



Great plate form for big feet and rough terrain I feel very planted on the bike, extremely tough

Great Pedals


these pedals are great, going from clipless to these was easy, the push through the pedal feels like more power to the wheel.

Huge and perfect for midfoot pedalling

by -

Very satisfied with how large these pedals are. Can easily fit 70-80% of my shoe footprint on them I can feel the differnce in midfoot pedalling. Number of pins make my shoes stick well.

Have to remember to move the foot forward to get pedals further back under the arch of the foot.


These Pedals feel really good, I find my feet slipping on them slightly compared to my previous flat pedals and am thinking of changing some of the pins for the longer pins supplied with the pedals. There are 72 spare pins so I could replace all but from reading other reviews I would just change the corner ones and one of two others in the middle and see how I go.

Also moving my feet back trying to get to the pedalling position recommended by the manufacturers I found the grip is better and have not got around to changing the pins yet. That position also gives a different pedalling feel that I think will help my sore knee and improve my riding over time.

My only complaint is I want a lighter blue for one bike and a darker blue for another, the blue is really nice and looks OK on both bikes but more colours choice would allow the pedals to match all my bikes nicely.

About time!


I am convinced on the benefits of flats - I knew I needed to be "connected" to my bike and not just "attached", but would they be much different to my vaults?
Initially I ran them on my XC dually and I could feel the engagement of different muscles. I have been told by an exercise physiologist that only two out of my four quads fire correctly. I could feel engagement in all my quads as well as the claimed glute activation. Climbing power felt great. Tick.
Next test was to swap them out to the Enduro bike to test out how they descended. I loved it and as a by-product I scored PR's on Strava.
There was a little foot movement at one chattery section at the top of Hero so I have swapped out the shorter pins that the pedal came with for the longer pins (supplied) just in the front section as recommended by the reviewer at Pinkbike. The installed long pins turned out to be the same length as those on my vaults.
Very keen to get back out for more runs to test again.
Brilliant pedals.

The best flat pedals out there....


I have these pedals on my Trek Starche hard tail and on my Trek Remedy 9.8. They are such a great size it feels like being clipped in. Comes with long pins as I use on my Enduro bike and short pins on hard tail which is used more or as a XC weapon.... They are so strong and the twin bearings spindles make them spin smooth. Can buy rebuild kits and spare spindles cheap. The price of pedals are great for the quality.... Everyone that rides my bike have ended up buying a pair of these Pedal Innovation pedals...

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