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Peaty's Tubeless Sealant

4 Reviews
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4 reviews

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Sets hard as epoxy

by -

This stuff works, it seals your tyres just great. However, it also kinda like nuclear waste - impossible to get rid of. I got some on some fresh black riding shorts, and now they have a questionable stain on them - even after two washes. The worst part is getting if off your frame/wheels. I gashed a tyre (as you do riding off road), which sprayed my frame/wheels with sealant (this happens). However trying to remove the old sealant later was virtually impossible. My frame has a raw alloy finish, and I struggled to get it off even with a scourer. Would you use a scourer on your fresh carbon rig? No. To clean up my inside rim surface, I needed to use a chisel. Can get Stans off with my fingernail. Would not buy again.

Good sparkly sealant

by -

Nice thick sealant, does the job for keeping air in tyres. However I over-inflated a tyre trying to get it to bead and it exploded and now thanks to the glitter in the sealant my garage looks like a fabulous unicorn bukkake scene and I'm still getting glitter out of stuff a week later.

Best sealant I have ever used

by -

Sealed up a problematic Carbon wheelset where everything else failed

Tubeless sealent goodness

by -

The BEST tuneless sealent I have ever used. Super easy to work with!

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