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Are you our new Paid Marketing Specialist?

MTB Direct is a leading online retailer selling mountain bike parts, clothing, and accessories to riders in New Zealand and Australia. We’ve been recognised in a bunch of awards for our consistent, fast growth and our forward-thinking approach to business since our inception in 2012. 

We’re a rapidly growing business, with a strong reputation and experience in a range of marketing channels and strategies (emails, organic social, paid social, Adwords, onsite creative and campaigns, customer surveys, competitions and giveaways, and more). We started in Australia over 8 years ago and launched our website in New Zealand in mid-2020, so this is a really exciting time to join the team.

Why does this role exist?

The Paid Marketing Specialist is responsible for managing all SEM/PPC channels, with a focus on aligning those channels with other marketing campaigns and company objectives.

So who do we need? We need you to - 

  • Conceptualise, plan, execute and scale all paid media accounts, including Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Work with the Head of Digital Marketing, and other marketing team members, to ensure paid media channels align with the marketing campaigns and strategy of the business as a whole.
  • Work with management to establish budgets and channel mix.
  • Manage daily adjustments within all paid media accounts.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to increase ROAS and other key metrics.
  • Conduct keyword and competitor research and analysis, using this to inform paid media strategy.
  • Develop written copy as required.
  • Maintain a consistent framework for testing new creative, audiences and features, so that the paid media strategy is constantly being iterated and improved. 
  • Ensure all paid media accounts are operational, taking ownership for issues such as rejected ads or feed problems.
  • Review analytics across accounts daily, responding to trends or issues with immediacy.
  • Prepare regular reports as directed.
  • Provide feedback, analysis and recommendations to the Head of Digital Marketing and others as required.
  • An on the tools doer. You get stuff done. You can consistently execute on ideas.
  • Stoked on our values and clear on how they would play out in our marketing. 
  • Comfortable with our tone of voice and who we are as a brand. You know how to speak to mountain bikers, where to find mountain bikers, how to engage mountain bikers.
  • Ready to learn and work with us as we expand our marketing strategy and explore existing new opportunities! 

What are the requirements? We’re really interested to hear from candidates with relevant experience - we believe demonstrating deep, relevant experience trumps a piece of paper any day! We’re looking for someone who can clearly demonstrate experience and success in:

  • eCommerce, Facebook and Google Ads experience, with exceptional results
  • Managing, reporting and analysing large data sets
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Solid experience with Google Analytics
  • Always staying up to date the latest platform changes

What does that all look like in practice? Well if you’d been with us over the last month, you would have - 

  • Developed a plan to allocate budget across the Australian and our newer New Zealand market.
  • Produced a monthly review to discuss with the Head of Digital Marketing.
  • Proposed an increase in paid media budget for the following month, based on research and analysis of missed opportunities across channels.
  • Developed a retargeting strategy that aligns with our acquisition and retention goals.
  • Reviewed all paid media channels daily and made the necessary adjustments.
  • Conducted a split test of social creative assets.

What about the details? Sure, here are a few other bits and pieces about this role - 

Location: Wherever in Australia or New Zealand! You’ll be working remotely. Our whole team works remotely, using apps like Slack to chat and do regular calls. You’ll just need a home office / work-from-home setup with reliable, fast internet. 

Hours and remuneration: You'll be primarily working from home, with no commute (or corporate uniform!) required. You’ll work an agreed set of hours each week - we can be flexible on which hours but they will be agreed in advance so we know when you’ll be around and we can make sure we hit all our targets and deadlines!

This is a full-time role with a salary that will vary depending on the experience of the candidate, with an indicative range of $70,000 - $90,000 AUD.

Sound like you? Then here’s how to apply!

As well as sending a PDF copy of your current CV, please include a covering email that outlines why you believe you’re a great fit for this role. In that email, please make specific reference to -

  • Any previous roles or work that included similar responsibilities, and what outcomes were achieved.
  • Any previous experience working remotely/with a remote team.
  • Any previous work with businesses similar to us (agile, rapidly growing, e-commerce).

Please email applications to kate.stewart@mtbdirect.com.au with the subject line “I’m [NAME] and I’m applying to be your new Paid Marketing Specialist” before 5pm (Melbourne time) Friday 28th May 2021.