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Orange Seal Tyre Sealant

9 Reviews
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9 reviews

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Sealed up no dramas


Easy use, great value sealant.

Definitely not the cheapest but maybe the best!


I’ve used heaps of different sealant brands. Yep there are plenty of good ones but I personally think orange is the best.
Doesn’t and dry out as fast as other brands but seals punctures quickly. Not the cheapest sealant!

Great sealant, better than Stan's in my experience


Great sealant, best I've used actually (small sample size lol)... Had Stan's fail to seal twice, so used Orange Endurance on last set of tyres thinking the Queensland heat will dry it out super fast but it outlasted tyres with only 1 top up that it didn't really need... So new tyres get the original Orange because they say it seals even better at the cost of longevity, and now I know longevity won't be an issue

Top level sealant

by -

Wish I'd just used this the first time.

Had gone and bought Finish Line sealant, gotten a tiny puncture (>1mm) which it wouldn't seal no matter what.

Got the bike home, opened it up, tonnes of liquid sealant in there. Wiped it out with a bunch of rags and then put Orange sealant in there. Pumped it up with a floor pump, bubble popped out the tiny puncture hole and then in an instant it was sealed. Zero issues since.

It works, and it works good.

It’s orange and it seals ??

by -

After much thought, I decided to go tubeless. The benefits seemed to outweigh the downsides...
However there were no downsides whatsoever!
Remove tube, insert tubeless valve, fill with 60ml of OS and get some rapid, high volume air in there! Voila. A supple, pinch flat free, self healing wheelset!
The OS bottle is super convenient to use, minimising any wastage/spillage of the orange lifeblood. I just wish they provided ml markings!
Just buy some already! It's orange! Orange is rad!

Easy to fill the tyre

by -

Not sure if I've had a puncture yet or not. If I have then it's sealed already.
First time going tubeless and filled the tyre easily by removing the valve core and squeezing it in. Went for a ride. No dramas. Simple.
However, one week later the tyres were flat. Realised that the valve wasn't on tight enough so was losing air around the valve. After tightening that I still lost a litte air after a week. Added a bit more sealant (again by removing the valve core - again simple). Pumped it up and kept on riding.
Another week later and I've only lost maybe only be or two psi. Same the week later. Then no loss of air the week after that. I think it just took a bit more sealant than I had originally put in and a few weeks to fully coat and seal the inside surface. All is really good now.

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