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OneUp Components Dropper Post Remote Lever

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I've tried lots, this is my fav


I'm a bit of a princess when it comes to my controls which is why I've tried lots of remotes. The Oneup nails the ergonomics. The paddle has the right amount of grip, but is not like a cheese grater without gloves. The leverage ratio is spot on for an easy push without lots of lever travel.

Nice feel, meh ergonomics.


Really well made, with a nice lever action.

Not a fan of the ergonomics at all.

Oneup don't hide that this will sit further tucked under the bar than other dropper levers. I was keen to give it a go, but it just never felt natural. Always feels like i'm having to rotate my hand/wrist to depress the lever.

Rotating the clamp doesn't help. that just lead to the lever fowling my hand when not in use.

Great value upgrade


Installed this on a Giant Trance a year ago now. Has been awesome. Absolutely no complaints at all. Worked perfectly and never had an issue. Do not ever notice it, which is a good sign of a good product

Worked well until it snapped off. Too fragile, get a different lever.


I really liked the feel of this remote and it was relatively easy to install. The lever worked really well for about 8 months. However, I just took my bike out for the first ride of the season, promptly spun out and it my leg on the lever. The lever snapped off and cannot be fixed. The lever clam is made of metal, but the lever itself is not strong at all. I ordered a PNW loam lever, which is made of metal and is much more substantial. While I 100% recommend the ONEUP dropper post, I'd have to recommend that you use a different lever with it.

OneUp Remote Lever

by -

Bad. The OneUp Remote Lever felt flimsy and cheap straight out of the packaging. When I installed the 22.2mm bar clamp I gave a quarter turn too many (my fault) and the lever mount snapped clean off. Ouch. No repairing it, it's a bin job. Give this carbon lever a miss and spend a few extra dollars on an alloy lever (I just did, bought a Wolf Tooth Lever to replace the broken OneUp).

Perfect for the OneUp Dropper

by -

The remote is perfect for the superb OneUp Dropper post. However, if you use this for a different post, your experience might be different. I used it on a KS E30i for a few months and found that I had to fully actuate the remote for it to trigger the drop, even after adjusting cable tension. Yes it is compatible, but other remotes might be better. OneUp remote + OneUp Dropper = More fun. I only have to actuate the remote about 50% to trigger the drop or return. My thumb has never been happier. The remote itself is easy to install. Limited adjustability on the I spec II mount, but I managed to find a position that I liked. Cheaper than other remotes too. Kudos to OneUp.

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