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New to Mountain Biking? Start Here

September 14, 2021

New to mountain biking? Welcome to the party!

You'll be sure to encounter a tonne of unfamiliar terms and technical jargon as you get more into it so we've collected some of our most useful blog articles to help you learn the lingo, level up your skills, and become more comfortable tinkering with your bike.

1. Setup

2. Product Guides

3. Maintenance/How-To

4. Kids

Meet Rob!

Rob grew up in Canberra but recently moved to Bright in Northeast Victoria to be close to some of Australia's best MTB trails. He's been into racing MTB's since his teens and has learned a thing or two about bikes along the way. His current steed is a Norco Sight C2 and he's looking forward to hitting up all the rounds of the Victorian Enduro Tour this season.