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Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle Sealant

5 Reviews
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

Muc-Off Sealant


There are a bazillion sealants out there. This one works really well.

Great sealant


A hard product to review because you don't know it works until it works. The bottle looks cool?

Great sealant


Works great, convenient application and haven't had any problems with sealing

No Problems So Far!


Mounted a 27.5 Butcher/Slaughter combo with Muc-off and everything sealed up instantly. So far its been 3 months of heavy use on all terrain types including park days and rocky singletrack. No slow leaks, pressure stays in between rides, I say it has been a great sealant!

Doesn't Seal Tyres


Don't waste your money.

Used it on my sons new 29" Schwarbe Rocket Ron. It sealed at first then a few days later riding a XCO race the tyre went down. He came in last instead of podium.
Also use it in my new 27.5" Schwarbe Racing Ralph tyre and have had multiple flats. Have a few persistent slow leaks including one right on the bead. Have tried re seating on the rim in multiple positions with no luck.

Finally gave up on the Muc Off and switched to Orange and the tyre sealed straight away.

Very thick product so might not be good for slow leaks.
There are lots of great sealants on the market; Orange & Vittoria to mention a couple.

Save yourself some grief, stay away from Muc Off

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