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KS Lev Dropper Post

16 Reviews
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RRP: $600.00
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16 reviews

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This dropper way out performs

by -

This dropper way out performs several that I have used in the past including the Reverb. The fact that the cable attaches to the post itself and not the top of the stansion (under the saddle) means that the cable does not move when moving up or down. Makes cable routing heaps better. The action is very smooth both up and down with no glitches so far. It feels solid under your bum and there is very little play side to side as some lesser quality droppers suffer from. Comes with a container of Slickolium grease to keep things lubed up after a muddy ride. Have not found a single issue with it yet (touch wood) I haven't had to service it yet but from the research I've done it looks like that wont be difficult. Setting it up from new was a piece of piss and done in half an hour. I also got the South Paw remote as well. I would definitely recommend this remote to anyone who has a one by set up. I don't know how it would go if you run a shifter on the same side as the remote - pretty sure it won't work. Using this remote puts the remote lever in the same position that a gear shifter lever would be making seat post operation really easy and comfy. If you want a great, reliable dropper and don't mind spending that bit extra cash - go for this one.

I research everything before purchasing

by -

I research everything before purchasing anything and this was no exception. It came down to this or a Rockshox. I chose the KS as my bike doesn't support stealth, the cable mounts near the base so doesn't move and won't scratch the framework. I had no issues installing it using the newer and lighter cable and thankfully my measurements were spot on, the 100mm wouldn't have been high enough. The seatpost works well with the exception of it sticking. The manual does refer to this but only if the seat hasn't moved in some time yet I experience it during rides. I have to bounce sometimes to get the seat to drop and have once had to dismount to pull it back up. I haven't contacted support yet and this may be simple teething issues, bedding in or a faulty seal. Beside that, I'm happy with my purchase. I just need to get used to the lever as at times when I've needed to react quickly, I've changed gear instead of dropping my seat or the other way around. Finally, the seat does move very slightly side to side (about 2mm at the nose of the seat) but this isn't due to play in the post itself but the way the seat is mounted on to bearings at the top of the post. It's NOT noticable when riding in anyway and isn't a factor.

I originally looked at all

by -

I originally looked at all the available Dropper Posts on the market and the Ks LEV was the only suitable Dropper for my Kona Stinky due to the 27.2mm tube. While these Dropper Posts aren't cheap, they are exceptionally good quality and work beautifully. They slide, or should I say glide, effortlessly and the indexing is brilliant. As an at the hip amputee, I find the Ks invaluable when descending stair cases and drop offs. I had a mishap and managed to damage my Ks, bending the actuator housing and spacer. I have been amazed at the support and professionalism of Pushie Industries. They have helped me out above and beyond what I would have expected. I have since purchased a second Ks LEV for my GT Hard tail and I will be getting my LEV's serviced with Pushie Industries when required. Highly recommended product! Paul

The build quality is top

by -

The build quality is top notch and functions as it should. The carbon thumb lever is trick and the whole system is a breeze to set up. Adjustable return rate via air pressure is a good feature however I have mine set at the maximum recommended pressure of 250psi. The only 'issue' I found with this seat post is the seat rail bolts aren't supplied with any loctite on them and on my first ride they rattled lose almost to the point of them falling out, and this was even after I torqued the bolts up to the recommended 10N-m.

27.2mm offerings are limited. This one fit my bike perfectly.

by -

The dropper fits well and does what it's supposed to do. Having the external cable attached to the stem collar makes this design a winner. The idea of a cable that moves up and down with the seat sucks so this seat is an easy choice if you don't have internal routing. After using this dropper for lots of riding lately, I'd never be able to go back to a fixed post set up. I use it less now than when I first installed it, but that's because I'm pedalling hard through obstacles more often. The ability to drop the seat quickly means I often leave it right until the last moment and then it's back up again. My riding style has changed dramatically and my Garmin has recorded solid gains over my usual tracks. Apart from the crazy price tags, dropper posts are a no brainer for me. I love my KS Lev 272!

Great seatpost, can set height

by -

Great seatpost, can set height anywhere you want it to be, great and easy to use lever for handlebar. The only downside is that the two seat bolts have come loose a little even after torqueing with a Torque wrench to the 10NM that is recommended. I will use loctite to see how that works. Great seatpost apart from that.

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