Huck Norris MegaNorris Anti-Flat Tubeless Protection

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What is Huck Norris?

Inspired by Chuck himself Huck Norris's mission is to eliminate the fear of rear wheel and tyre damage. They aim to put the mind of mountain bikers to ease so that you can concentrate on our riding without the worry that your tyre will be punctured or your rim might get destroyed. Thanks to science there is a cure! Say hello to Huck Norris.


MegaNorris is the new lineup from Huck Norris, the first modern insert manufacturer in the world. MegaNorris has a new shape that protects the rim and the tyre better than ever. On sandwich and hamburger models there is a new black hard density compound that is more resistant to big impacts and shares the impact to a wider area of the lower density foam. This means that you can ride harder and huck longer.


  • Ride safely with optimal tyre pressure. Not too high or not too low
  • Installation of MegaNorris is as simple as any tubeless setup, just slip the insert in before installing the second bead on the rim
  • Fits 28-40 mm internal rim widths depending on model selected
  • Sold as Single
  • Tyre puncture protection – Ultimate pinch flat protection with the hamburger version
  • Rim protection – the insert spreads the impact to a wider area and fills the rim centre
  • Easy tubeless installation – Faster than a tube system. No tools needed
  • Sidewall support – the insert sits between the rim beads but allows the tyre to roll when needed
  • Extra damping – especially the sandwich and hamburger will smoothen your ride
  • Closed-cell foam does not absorb the sealant – 60ml sealant is enough for each wheel

Three Different Models:

Toast: XC & Light Trail

  • Toast is the lightest of the three MegaNorris models, meant for XC or light trail riding. The structure consists of a thick layer of soft compound.
  • Weight when measured at full 29″ length: 141 grams @ 60mm / 125 grams @ 55mm width

Sandwich: Trail and Enduro

  • Sandwich is meant to be used on rough trails and enduro riding and has two different compound layers; soft and hard. The hard layer sits right on the rim, preventing the hardest of impacts. The softer compound smooths the small impacts, working as an additional suspension member.
  • Weight when measured at full 29″ length: 220 grams @ 60mm width / 200 grams @ 55mm width.

Hamburger: Enduro and DH

  • The beefiest of all MegaNorris models with two hard compound layers with one soft between them. The hamburger is aimed at those riding downhill or racing enduro at the highest level. While testing MegaNorris Hamburger tyre inserts, the Pole Bicycles EWS Pro team managed to race the whole 2019 season without a single flat tyre. Hamburger might be a little on the heavy side, but the performance is well worth the weight.
  • Weight when measured at full 29″ length: 280 grams @ 60mm width or 250 grams @ 55mm width.


  • Each of the three MegaNorris models comes in two different widths; 55mm & 60mm.
  • 55mm wide models are for rims that have an internal width of 28-34mm (1.1-1.34 inch).
  • 60mm wide models are for rims that have an internal width of 33-40mm (1.34-1.57 inch).
ModelWidth (mm / in)
Weight (g / lbs)
MegaNorris Toast55mm / 2.16″125g / 0.27 lbs
 60mm / 2.36″141g / 0.31 lbs
MegaNorris Sandwich55mm / 2.16″200g / 0.44 lbs
 60mm / 2.36″220g / 0.48 lbs
MegaNorris Hamburger55mm / 2.16″250g / 0.55 lbs
 60mm / 2.36″280g / 0.62 lbs

Mix and Match:

Impacts and forces are different for front and rear tyre. Here are some common mixes of MegaNorris models based on the use case.


  • Trails with some roots and rocks but without drops or big rock gardens.
  • Suggestion: Toast in the back wheel, nothing in the front wheel.


  • Trails including more harsh features than XC trails, putting more pressure and heavier impacts on both tyres.
  • Suggestion: Toast in both wheels.

Enduro - Light:

  • Some drops, high-speed bumps, lots of roots and big rock gardens.
  • Suggestion: Sandwich in the rear wheel, toast in the front wheel.

Enduro - Hard:

  • Full speed enduro riding with hard impacts.
  • Suggestion: Sandwich in both wheels.


  • Suggestion: Hamburger in the rear, sandwich in the front.


  • Suggestion: Hamburger in both wheels.
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