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We’re on the lookout for a new Head of Customer Experience (CX).

Join MTB Direct and help make our stellar Customer Experience even better!

At MTB Direct, we sell mountain bike parts, clothing and accessories to riders around the country (and increasingly around the world). We don’t just love mountain biking - we genuinely love helping people make their riding experience better. Our customer service team receive consistently high ratings and hugely positive feedback, because we really do try to put our customers at the forefront of everything we do.

To date, we’ve done this through a combination of great staff and iterating our policies and approaches as we grow. While we’re not a giant corporation, we’ve moved beyond the small startup phase of our journey. We’ve reached a point where our leadership team needs a dedicated Head of Customer Experience (CX).

This is a chance to join one of Australia’s leading online retailers (we’ve been recognised in a bunch of awards for our consistent, fast growth and our forward-thinking approach to business - such as the AFR Fast100, Deloitte Tech 50, Telstra Business Awards and Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow). It’s also a chance to step into a brand new role, and shape the direction of an exciting ecommerce brand!

What exactly do we mean by Head of CX?

This is a position that requires both strategic and operational skills. It is about more than running our Customer Service team who keep up with customers on email and live chat (though you will be heading up that very awesome team). More broadly, the Head of CX is responsible for ensuring customers, and potential customers, have the best experience possible across the spectrum of their interactions with MTB Direct. As Head of CX, you’ll be an advocate for customers, while also understanding the constraints and realities of being a small business, and the need to remain profitable and sustainable. Your responsibilities will include finding, researching, pitching and implementing innovative solutions to address customer needs, drawing on market-leading ideas and trends.

So who do we need?

We need you to be -

  • Able to think strategically and see the big picture.
  • Exceptional at project management and keeping both yourself and your team (both internal and external contractors) on track and kicking goals.
  • Prepared to get on the tools. We’re a lean team and we need everyone to be able and willing to “do”, not just strategise.
  • Stoked on our values and clear on what they mean for you as a part of our team and in this role.
  • Able to clearly articulate problems, solutions and processes so we can get the necessary team members up to speed quickly.
  • Able to present researched options, with a reasoned recommendation, to decision makers where required.
  • Able to innovate processes and work with the team to develop repeatable systems and approaches to manage the tasks and projects that fall to CX.
  • Able to build process maps to communicate processes to other team members.

What are the requirements?

We’re really interested to hear from candidates with relevant experience - we believe demonstrating deep, relevant experience trumps a piece of paper any day! We’re looking for someone who can clearly demonstrate experience and success in:

  • Ecommerce and/or a retail environment.
  • Customer experience - previous similar roles highly valued.
  • Managing, encouraging and getting the most out of a team.
  • Project management - while formal project management training is not required, a demonstrated track record of managing projects and teams is a must.
  • Monitoring/analytics/reporting tools.

You don’t have to be a mountain biker (though if you’re not, you’ll likely become one after joining the team!). But seriously, as you’re going to be heading up CX, it’s going to be really helpful if you have a good understanding of mountain biking, the sport and the culture. A lot of the hands-on customer service performed by the team revolves around technical bike-related questions, so while we don’t expect you to be a qualified bike mechanic, it would be helpful if you know your way around a bike. A passion for the sport will also help you relate to our customers, so is highly favoured.

What does the role look like in practice?

Well if you’d been with us over the last few months, you might have -

  • Reviewed shipping carrier performance and proposed solutions where required.
  • Participated in scoping for a community funding program.
  • Optimised a range of customer service processes to streamline operations for the team on our new ERP system, Netsuite.
  • Conducted fortnightly team meetings with the customer service team
  • Reviewed our returns policies and made comprehensive recommendations around innovative alternatives.
  • Reviewed options for helpdesk and live chat platforms, including the use of bots and AI.
  • Worked with HR to develop and optimise rosters for the pre-Christmas and Christmas periods.
  • Provided support and guidance on difficult cases faced by the customer service team.
  • Managed on-site messaging with regards to service and offering (e.g. shipping, returns, payment methods) - liaising with Marketing and IT around these policies and required changes.
  • Conducting customer surveys to gauge satisfaction (e.g. NPS) as well as comprehensive research and surveys to assist in identifying customer needs and guiding business strategy.

What about the details?

Sure, here are a few other bits and pieces about this role -

Location and Hours: Wherever! You’ll be working remotely. Our whole team works remotely, using apps like Slack to chat and do regular calls. You’ll just need a home office / work-from-home setup with reliable, fast internet.

We recognise that the right person for this role might be coming from a very different work environment - perhaps one where they work big hours, overtime is expected, and they spend a lot of time jumping through corporate-hoops. We want to make sure it’s super clear that this role will be very different!

We don't do overtime - you'll only ever work 38 hours a week, you'll work from home, and you don't have to commute. You’ll work Monday-Friday, working an agreed set of hours each week - we can be flexible on which hours but they will be agreed in advance so we know exactly when you’ll be around and we can make sure we hit all our targets and deadlines! There’s no expectation of weekends or overtime, that’s just not how we roll.

Sound like you? Then here’s how to apply!

As well as sending a PDF copy of your current CV, please include a covering email that outlines why you believe you’re a great fit for this role. In that email, please make specific reference to all of the following -

  • Any previous projects or work that included similar responsibilities, and what outcomes were achieved.
  • Any previous experience working remotely/with a remote team.
  • Any previous work with businesses similar to us (SMB, agile, rapidly growing, ecommerce).

Please email applications to kate.stewart@mtbdirect.com.au with the subject line “I’m [NAME] and I’m applying to be your new Head of CX” before 5pm (Melbourne time) Sunday 19 January 2020.