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Giro Switchblade MIPS Helmet

19 Reviews
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RRP: $380.00
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Ratings & Reviews

19 reviews

Guri switchblade


Great helmet not a bad price , a lot lighter than their previous design great colour and comfortable

Bought this helmet for enduro

by -

Bought this helmet for enduro riding. First ride impressions using the helmet without the chin bar attached, i found that the helmet was very hot and that i was sweating a lot. That would of been fine with a normal full face helmet as they have extra padding which absorbs the sweat. But as i found the switchblades padding just was not up for the job and as a result the sweat was just pouring straight down the middle of my face into my eyes as i was wearing glasses not goggles. I also think that compared to a lot of other similar helmets the switchblade is quiet heavy. I do however think that the switchblade helmet is very well made and if you buy it for use as a full face helmet and mainly ride in colder climates it would be great. For me personally it was way to hot and because of this i have sold it for something thats a whole lot cooler.

Good helmet: some compromises in weight and air flow mean it isn't quite 2 for 1.

by -

I have a GIRO shaped head. The helmet is very comfortable, and has less head slip than my GIRO chronicle which can slip quite far forward. The breathe-ability is up there, however the overall size is noticeable when compared to a normal non-full face lid. For that reason, I ride with my Chronicle for the vast majority of the less technical trails as it is both lighter and more breathable. Also, re-inserting in-ear headphones is super frustrating if they fall out. Would I buy this over a dedicated half face and a full face helmet? Tough call especially with some of the sales going around. If you can stretch the budget, buy the individual helmets. If you can only afford one, buy this ripper helmet immediately.

Its hard to give anything

by -

Its hard to give anything that is so expensive a 5 Star rating, in particular when MTB hats are single use (when doing their primary crash protection duties) and a critical safety item. The switchblade however earns its 4 stars by offering a cost effective way to provide a 2 in 1 solution for the MTB rider, that may want to dabble in something a little gnarly, but generally sticks to flow. Some good additionally items in the box ensure you are covered for GO PRO use as well as some additional helmet pads to keep you fresh.

I went with a size

by -

I went with a size M since my previous Giros were size M and measurement 'round my head is 58cm. Helmet felt tight when put on/taken off to the point of kinda hurting my ears. But when already put on properly it felt nice and snug. Installing/removing the chinbar with the helmet on takes a little practice. Lost one of the visor screws after my 3rd ride (dunno how or where to get a spare :( so make sure you check the tightness of these things before you go ride.

Great enduro helmet

by -

Just bought another switchblade after a big hit to the head at Stromlo. I was concussed with cuts and bruises all over, but luckily nothing too major. The helmet was moderately damaged with dents and a small crack. However, I believe this helmet did it job and prevented a much more serious outcome.

While the switchblade is a little warmer than others, I prefer the more secure fit. I had no issue riding enduro all summer with mine.

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