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Fox Shox Fork Axle

4 Reviews
RRP: $141.00
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RRP: $141.00
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

looks way better and stays

by -

looks way better and stays in place, will get another one soon

Aesthetically pleasing

by -

I like these because they are very neat and pleasing to the eye. They are an expensive bolt though.

Clean and simple. Not much

by -

Clean and simple. Not much more to add. I think it does make my 32 mm Fox fork a little stiffer, but that could also be wishful thinking.

20mm x 110mm - OK product, but don't recommend for people who need to remove wheels often

by -

The axle itself has a couple design flaws which really make it difficult to like, it does it's job, but is easily seized and stripped with frequent removal. Even with pinch bolts completely out it can seize without warning and strip easily. This won't be a problem however you only remove wheels for tire changes/servicing.

1. The alloy it's made out of is VERY SOFT, I compare this directly to my Pike and Lyrik axles which both are made of a more hardy material, you can feel this if you hold them.

2. The 5mm hex needed to unscrew is a weird choice considering the rear of all 3 of my bikes need 6mm, and most of RockShoxs forks need 6mm if running bolts, no doubt a bigger hex requirement would reduce the ease of stripping out.

If you do end up stripping them do not try to drill them out and ruin the fork threads, instead get a dremel and cut out 2 slots on either side of the hex hole big enough for a decently sized flathead screwdriver to fit in securely. Then get an adjustable wrench and clamp down on the flat of the screwdriver at an angle that gives you good leverage and pull or push. The fork will be free, but you'll need another one of these.

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